• How long does it take for my restaurant to go up live and running in online world?

    It takes maxiumum of 2 working days for your restaurant to go up live and running in the online world. That's the beauty!
  • In which all platforms will my restaurant be listed?

    MassBlurb lists your restaurant on every essential platform where a potential customer is looking for you. Some of which are Zomato, Timescity, Burrp, TripAdvisor, and more.
  • Will you build a website for me and how long does it take to create one?

    Yes, we do create websites! And, guess what, we can make your website live in 10 minutes. Magic, right?
  • Do you also undertake social media postings for my restaurant?

    Indeed, we do! We design and schedule creative posts for our clients on a regular basis which are geared towards generating maximum engagement for the client on Social Media Platforms. We also do relevant and effective targeting on Social Media in order to increase your brand discovery and footfall. You name it, and we do it for you.
  • Do you do other offline PR activities?

    MassBlurb does not do offline PR activities, but we will be happy to connect you with our elves (read: our agency friends!) if you are too keen on it.
  • I don't have the time, can you manage everything for me?

    We totally get you being busy. *insert awkward bro hug* We can take care of everything for you. Right from provisioning, to website, to CRM and Publishing, to social media, and so much more. However, in this case, we will have go on coffee dates and discuss your plan rates accordingly. This is because we have different prices for different services. Don't worry, coffee is on us.
  • How can I measure my return on investment?

    We promise to be Samwell Tarly to your Jon Snow. We got your back. We will make enough money for you and show you how. We will track and show you all the calls generated to your outlet because of us. We will also provide you detailed analytics of your online performance such as Website Page Views, Facebook/Twitter engagement, increase in search views for your outlet, and so much over. Over the long term, we will help create and enhance your online presence which will directly impact your top line. Not to forget, you get to hang out with us. That's quite some priviledge, no?
  • Can I use your product for free?

    Not unless, you are our mother or promise us free food for the entire year. Also, LOL. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.